Selling Tips

Handy Tips for Selling

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have your property looking its best for sale. Follow these useful hints.

Vacate During Inspection

In most cases its a good idea to vacate the home while prospective purchaser’s are looking through. Few buyers can relax with owners standing around or looking expectantly hopeful.

Listen to your Luke Nass Representative

They’ll have some useful ideas on home improvements and presentations.


A fresh coat of paint is affordable and effective way to really revive a home. If you are going to do it yourself make sure you give it a professional looking finish.


It’s a must and allows buyers to see your property, not your belongings. Remember there will be many more people in the house then usually is in a family home, people shouldering past each other will give the impression of lack of space, unless there are as many obstacles as possible are removed from major walk ways.


Ensure you home smells fresh. Simple, but important! A stale-smelling home is an instant turnoff. Get rid of kitty litter trays and dog bowls. Keep inside bins empty. Do not cook strong smelling foods such as curry, onions or fish that may linger through the home. If necessary go and spray the house with room freshener. Pet smells can be a real problem. Remove old pet bedding, have carpets cleaned and try to leave windows open to eliminate any lingering odour.

Minor Repairs

Small problems like leaking taps, broken gates or cracked window panes are easily fixed but leave a bad impression if not attended to. Just remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Major Renovations

Discuss with your agent the financial benefits of undertaking any significant renovations. They’ll be able to advise whether it’s worth your while.


Invest a little time in your garden and it will make a significant difference to the overall aesthetic of your home. Be sure to weed and mulch garden beds. Keep lawns green and trimmed. Remove oil stains in carports, drives or garages. If you have a swimming pool make sure it is sparkling clean. Clean windows and remove cobwebs.

Professional Styling

Having your property professionally style or professional furnished can enhance the entire feel, especially if it’s vacant and can be a very worthwhile investment.